Property Investment Options

Property investment is one of Ron Vink’s specialty areas. He brings a wealth of knowledge as well as business success stories to this area of the Astute Property Group service.
Ron has more than 40 years of property industry experience – largely in the Wellington area – under his belt. 

Property Wholesaling – finding deals and on-sell

Ron has found there are always people keen to commit to a good property investment deal. Often they lack the time and skills – and sometimes the confidence – involved in finding those deals.
With the knowledge and the systems Ron can offer, there is a big opportunity for people to become wholesale investors. So, without any money needed, you could go into the market, find the great deals, and pass them on to the investors who are looking for them.

Buy & Holds – for income and/or capital gain

This generally applies to flats or suitable second-hand houses. This option is about understanding what makes one of these properties the best suited to bringing in the best returns in the long run.

Tax Saving Options – for high income individuals

For people on good incomes of $80,000 plus we can provide you with opportunities to have some of the tax you are currently paying the government paid back to you, so you can fund the shortfall typical from a brand new investment property.

For those clients on high incomes and paying substantial taxes this option can divert some of those taxes to helping fund the early stages of an investment programme while the rents catch up to the expenses.

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