Whether you rent or own, there is something very satisfying about a freshly cleaned bathroom.  But if you lead a busy life and have numerous dirty (big or small) people traipsing through all the time, it can feel like a mammoth endeavour to keep it clean and well maintained.  However, with a small amount of effort upfront you can reduce the time you need to spend later on and help prevent the permanent damage that can occur, making the space look tired and worn. 

Having now visited hundreds of bathrooms and seen what works and what doesn’t, here are some helpful tips we have picked up along the way to keep your bathroom fresh and clean.


To keep a shower looking it’s best for longer, regular care is required.  

  • Using a squeegee on the glass after every use will significantly reduce the amount of white limescale build up you get and the effort required to clean it.   When limescale is present a couple of cleans with 30 Seconds Water Spot Remover Cream can do wonders or you could also try a Dishwasher Tablet on the glass.
  • Consider switching from soap to body wash and a loofah.  Soap leaves a fatty residue on shower glass making it harder to clean.  It also significantly increases the possibility of getting clogged drains.  
  • Over the course of a week you will often start to see pink mould growth appear around the base of the shower.  Spraying mid-week, before your weekly clean, with Exit Mould will help to kill off the mould before it gets ingrained in any visible sealant.  Leaving it on for a good hour or two will really let it do it’s thing.
  • Avoiding Jif or similar cream scourers in a bath or shower is best as the fine grainy residue these products leave behind loves to cling to dirt and body fats.  These harden over time and build up a thin, generally brown, layer that makes it incredibly difficult to properly clean back to the plastic, glass or enamel surface.


  • Vanity sinks really start to show their age when mould begins to grow in the sealant, this often starts just behind the tap.  To help prevent mould getting ingrained it is important to keep an eye on water pooling in this area, so a regular wipe down is needed.  A spray with Exit Mould if darkening appears will help stop it from really setting in.
  • If you have children or messy hand washers then you’ll also want to keep a close eye on the tops of drawers and cupboards under the sink area. Water can rundown the cabinet and gather on the top edge seeping in between the linings and causing the wood composite to expand which will really age the look of the vanity.


Toilet bowls can stay looking clean and white for many years if cleaned weekly with a good toilet cleaner.  We recommend the clear or white ones with a bleach in them. The key though is not just a great product but a good scrub with a brush.  While the leave-in dots and liquids keep things smelling fresh and looking tidy between cleans, build up will occur if the toilet bowl isn’t given a regular scrubbing.  Wiping clean the top and underside of the seat weekly is also important to avoid staining.


If your bathroom has an extraction fan it is a must to use when showering.  Turn it on before you hop in and ideally leave it on for 5-10 minutes afterwards, or until the steam has cleared.  However, don’t leave it on all day as this will burn out the motor over time.

Closing the door to the bathroom will keep the warmth in and stop damp air escaping into the rest of the house.

Bathroom Ceilings 

It is quite common in a bathroom to get some mould and mildew growth on a ceiling overtime.  To protect the paint work from staining, cracking and peeling, it is a good idea to wipe it down with a bleach and warm water solution.  Do this once every month or two using a thick mop head, however be sure to wear old clothes so any bleach doesn’t drip down and ruin your clothes.

With a little bit of effort, and the right products, you will find you can keep your bathroom looking its best for years to come.

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