All tenants are not the same.  So to make sure your property is looked after well, and rents are paid on time, you need to attract quality tenants.

Good tenants are looking for a property they can make their home.  They need to be able to see themselves living there. A few simple and inexpensive improvements can help attract the right tenants who, if they feel secure and happy, will reduce your vacancy days and the wear and tear your property could otherwise encounter.

Make a Good First Impression

Street appeal is crucial when selling a house, and it is important when renting one too.  Prospective tenants will often do a drive by of a property and if they don’t like what they see they may not even come for a viewing.

To make your first impression as positive as possible:

  • Make sure the lawns and gardens are in a tidy condition, freshly mown before a viewing.  If your property has a large section or is part of a block, you may want to consider including the lawns in the rent.  
  • Keep gardens as low maintenance as possible by installing weed mat and stones or bark.  This will minimise the work a tenant has to do to keep the property tidy and therefore make it more attractive.
  • If there are trees on the section it is a good idea to keep these trimmed back away from windows and gutters.  It will make the home feel lighter and brighter inside and also reduce your property maintenance costs, as gutters won’t fill up as easily.
  • Paths, driveways and patios can often grow moss and mould over the winter months.  Waterblasting and/or treating these will make the property looked cared for and also remove the possibility of a slip hazard.

Clean Attracts Clean

Quality tenants will keep the property clean and tidy, so when viewing they want to see that the house has been cared for. Small changes can make a world of difference to giving the right impression.

  • Hanging a new shower curtain, and fitting a new toilet seat, is a cheap and easy way to spruce up a bathroom.  A recent clean with a bleach product will also make it smell clean.
  • It is very common for glass shower doors to get a white film build up which really brings down the feel of a bathroom.  A bit of elbow grease and a product such as 30 Seconds Water Spot Remover can get your glass looking as good as new.
  • Steam cleaning carpets will make a property smell clean and give the carpet a fresh, plusher look.

Keep On Top Of Maintenance

A well maintained property speaks volumes.  Making sure all of the basic maintenance items are up to date will show quality tenants that you take pride in your property.

  • Curtain hooks often become brittle and break overtime, this looks really untidy and can mean the curtains stretch under pressure.  While a bit of a hassle to fix it is actually a really cheap fix.
  • Install door stops on all internal doors and make sure all window latches and door handles are secure and working well.
  • A repaint of walls is a great way to freshen up a space. Choosing a semi-gloss or satin finish will also make it easier to clean and it won’t mark as easily.  It is best to avoid wallpaper since it is harder to clean, more difficult to touch up, if necessary, and lifting edges are a real temptation for small children.
  • If getting any electrical maintenance done we recommend talking to your electrician to see if they can add a sensor light by the front door. This will help the tenants feel safe coming home in the dark.  If you have an older house adding a few more power points will make it easier to live in and safer due to the removal of multi-boxes.

There is a lot to consider and learn when becoming a landlord and managing your rental property. We are here to help with advice, and can answer any of your property and renting related questions. If you want to take the stress out of property investment then talk to us today about our property management service.